Debt collection agency Hendriks Incasso has adjusted its aggressive methods


Debt collection agency Hendriks Incasso has adjusted its methods. The agency has agreed to do so after discussions with the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM). From now on, the agency, when collecting debts, will deal with consumers in a careful manner.

ACM received reports from consumers about Hendriks Incasso’s methods. The agency aggressively pressured consumers to pay by setting very short payment periods. It also misrepresented the consequences of not paying, such as legal fees that consumers would have to pay. At ACM’s request, Hendriks Incasso immediately adjusted its methods and its own code of conduct. This means, among other things, that the agency will set reasonable periods of five working days for the payment of bills, and that it will not use any aggressive communication to pressure consumers.

Rules for debt collection agencies

Are you dealing with a debt collection agency because you failed to pay a lawful bill? In that case, you should be granted a reasonable payment period. Debt collection agencies sometimes behave too aggressively, for example by threatening to take measures they cannot take, like seizure of property, or by harassing consumers with text messages, emails or phone calls. It has been laid down in law what debt collection agencies can and cannot do to make sure that bills are finally paid. You can find more information about this on the website of ACM’s consumer information portal ConsuWijzer .

Swift approach to consumer problems

ACM has many different instruments at its disposal for solving consumer problems. When selecting the right approach, ACM puts consumers first. In this case, ACM prefers to call the companies to account instead of imposing fines, because the problem is solved more quickly this way. Through reports filed with ConsuWijzer, ACM will keep monitoring whether the agency implements the agreed adjustments.