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Latest news

ACM: more tour operators present prices of package tours clearly now

Publication News 27-11-2023

More tour operators present the prices of package tours clearly now: as a single price that includes all unavoidable costs or as a single amount below the price.

ACM takes action against websites that use fake discounts

Publication News 14-11-2023

Over the past few months, ACM has checked whether the prices on websites comply with the rules on discounts.

Six percent of Dutch households have energy contracts above the price cap, more people choose fixed contracts

Publication News 07-11-2023

ACM publishes the results of its monthly Monitor on the consumer energy market (in Dutch: Monitor Consumentenmarkt Energie).

Consumer organizations warn against untrustworthy online stores

Publication News 06-11-2023

Many consumers still make purchases without checking the trustworthiness of the online store first, whereas purchases made with unfamiliar online stores in particular carry risks. That is why ACM and four other organizations have joined forces in a campaign against scams and fraud by online stores.

ACM Telecom Monitor for Q2 2023: mobile-data consumption and fiber-optic grow substantially, consumers seldom switch

Publication News 01-11-2023

The latest telecom monitor by ACM reveals that, in the second quarter of 2023, mobile-data consumption in the Netherlands has increased by 20%, which is a substantial increase. Moreover, the number of fiber-optic connections in the Netherlands continues to go up.

Broad support for prioritizing projects with a social function, ACM calls on system operators to start making preparations

Publication News 31-10-2023

ACM has received 78 responses to the draft code amendment decision on opportunities for prioritization of transport requests. Market participants are positive about the proposal to lay down in a statutory regulation the ability to prioritize projects that contribute to major social objectives.

ACM launches market study into the functioning of the Dutch savings market

Publication News 30-10-2023

ACM has launched a broad market study into the functioning of the Dutch savings market.

ACM compels online store TI-84shop to deliver and give refunds on time

Publication News 30-10-2023

ACM has ordered online store TI-84shop to implement several changes, after ACM had received a large number of complaints through its consumer information portal ConsuWijzer and other channels.

ACM’s letter generator for complaint letters makes it even easier to exercise your rights

Publication News 26-10-2023

Exercising your rights with the sample letters provided by consumer information portal ACM ConsuWijzer has become even easier. Today, ACM has launched a letter generator, which helps you easily tailor a sample letter to your personal situation.

ACM launches investigation into illegal arrangements involving IT devices

Publication News 23-10-2023

ACM has launched an investigation into potentially illegal arrangements between an internationally operating manufacturer of IT devices and its distributors.