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What are cookies? uses cookies and web statistics. It is explained below what cookies are, why the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) uses them, and exactly what kinds of cookies ACM stores on users’ devices. We also give information about the web statistics that we keep.

Why does ACM store cookies?

We store cookies in order to see how visitors of our site use the site. That information helps us improve the site, for example, by adding information or by raising its user-friendliness. Since this type of cookie has very little impact on your privacy, it falls under the exception in the Dutch cookie act. That means that ACM is not required to seek its users’ consent for storing these cookies.

No tracking cookies

We do not use any tracking cookies. Tracking cookies are cookies that are able to follow visitors when they surf across multiple websites.

Web statistics uses web statistics. We analyze this data. As a result, our website can be fine-tuned even more, thereby meeting our visitors’ needs better. The information that is collected will not be used for any other purposes than website improvement. It will not be made available to third parties either.

The data that is collected is the following:

  • The browser that is used (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox);
  • The exact time and duration of your visit;
  • What pages you have visited;
  • What error messages visitors have received.

ACM measures website visits using the analysis suite SiteImprove. Only ACM has access to the collected data.

ACM has taken measures to limit as much as possible the traceability of visitors to our website. We do so by deleting the last two octets (digits) of every IP address immediately after importing the log files in SiteImprove and Piwik. This is done at the temporary memory level, before the IP addresses are stored.


The table below gives you an overview of all the cookies that may be stored when visiting The first column lists the names of the cookies. The second column explains the information that is measured by each cookie, and the last column says for how long each cookie is stored.

Cookie overview

Name Purpose Duration
mmstat Cookie is stored by the web analysis suite SiteImprove. It determines whether the visitor is new or whether he/she has visited the site before 1000 days
siteimproveses Cookie is stored by the web analysis suite SiteImprove. It records in what order the different pages were visited. session