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About ACM

Mission & strategy

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) contributes to realizing a healthy economy by ensuring that markets work well for people and businesses.

Our organization

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) makes sure that businesses compete fairly with one another, and it protects consumer interests.


The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets cooperates with other regulators and organizations that can help us carry out our duties. We cooperate with others both at a national level as well as at an international level.

ACM ConsuWijzer

ACM ConsuWijzer is the consumer information portal of ACM. With ACM ConsuWijzer, ACM helps consumers become well-informed and empowered. Because consumers, too, can contribute to the solution of market problems.

Phone number invoices

You currently use one or more phone numbers such as a premium-rate 0900-number. You need to pay for ACM’s oversight of the use of these numbers. That's why you have received an invoice. Here you find information on how you can pay this invoice. And answers to frequently asked questions.

Energy licenses

Are you interested in supplying energy in the Netherlands? In some situations, you will need a license. A brief overview of the relevant regulations and procedures regarding license applications can be found here.