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Consumer education: ACM ConsuWijzer

By informing consumers, ACM can prevent problems, tackle areas of concern, and promote competition. Consumers who know their rights and take action stimulate companies to play by the rules and do their best.

Through consumer information portal ACM ConsuWijzer, ACM educates consumers about their rights. Using campaigns, information and other tools, ACM ConsuWijzer makes sure that consumers are equipped with the right knowledge in order for them to take on an active role in the market. Conversely, through ACM ConsuWijzer, ACM receives indications from consumers about any problems they run into. ACM takes action against companies that do not play by the rules or harm consumers and competitors.

Well-informed consumers are better able to choose the offer that suits them best. This way, they promote competition, for example, by stimulating companies to come up with new products and services and/or offer competitive prices. ACM encourages consumers to take on an active role in the market, which leads to more competition, opportunities for new entrants to the market, and the promotion of innovation.

ACM ConsuWijzer is a portal for consumers in the Netherlands. That is why all campaigns, information and other tools are only available in Dutch. To give our foreign stakeholders an idea of the way we educate consumers, we have created English-language versions of a number of our campaign videos. These can be found below. For more information about ACM ConsuWijzer (in Dutch), please visit our website

Campaign videos