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The website of the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) has been designed with the utmost care. ACM seeks to provide accurate and up-to-date information. However, ACM cannot guarantee that this information is still correct at the time it is received or that this information is still valid after a certain amount of time has passed. Therefore, the information found on this website is for informational purposes only. If you want to have complete certainty about regulations, rulings or certain phrasings, please refer to the original documents as published in, for example, the Dutch Government Gazette (Staatscourant). ACM rejects liability for any damages associated with the use of this website or with a temporary inability to consult this website. ACM is not responsible for the contents of websites which its website refers to, or for the contents of those that refer to it. In addition, ACM is not responsible for any damage of any kind whatsoever that is associated with the risks involved in sending messages electronically.


Certain publications of the Dutch government are not protected by copyright: laws, regulations and court rulings. Under Dutch law, other government publications are not part of the public domain, and may thus be protected by copyright. However, such publications may be photocopied and published, unless it is stated on these documents that they are protected by copyright. This applies to, among other things, the logo. ACM retains the copyright that protects the logo. ACM’s logo has been registered with the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP, in Dutch: Benelux-Merkenbureau). ACM thus holds exclusive rights to its logo. ACM does not give third parties permission to use its logo, as the use thereof could imply some sort of endorsement or seal of quality.