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Help ACM deal with spam

Have you received spam? And has it caused you inconvenience? File a report with the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM). We are able to deal with spammers who distribute unwanted messages from the Netherlands. Fines can be as high as EUR 900,000.

Why file a report?

In order to be able to deal with spammers, we need evidence. And those pieces of evidence can be submitted by you, by filling out the form, and including the spam message. That is how you help us track down the senders, which will eventually result in less spam for you.

What does ACM do with your report?

We cannot respond to each and every report. However, if we receive many or very serious complaints about a particular sender, we could launch an investigation. In that context, it may be necessary to contact you for additional information. That is why we ask you to include your contact details in your report. Find out what we do with your privacy.

Please note: no phishing messages

We are unable to deal with phishing messages, because those do not fall under our scope. Phishing messages are messages in which the sender attempts to steal your personal details, for example by making you click on fake URLs. However, we do deal with messages that contain misleading advertising. Find out what messages we can and cannot deal with.

Fill out the spam report form (in Dutch)