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What unsolicited messages can ACM deal with?

Spam is prohibited in the Netherlands. The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) enforces this prohibition. If you receive spam, you can file a report with us. We will subsequently assess whether we are able to deal with your spam message.

What messages can we deal with?

We can only deal with unwanted messages if they are truly spam. Messages are considered spam if they meet the following four criteria:

  • It is an electronic message, like emails, traditional text messages, messages over messaging apps, or robocalls (telephone calls from an automated source that delivers a prerecorded message);
  • The message advertises something, for example a product, service or charity;
  • The message was sent directly to you;
  • You did not give the sender prior consent for sending the message. And you are not and never have been a customer of the company.

What are the messages that we cannot deal with?

We cannot deal with any messages that fall outside our scope. This includes the following messages:

1. Messages from criminals

Criminals sometimes send phishing or extortion messages. Phishing messages are messages in which the sender tries to steal your personal data, for example by pretending to be a reliable company, and trying to make you click on false links. In extortion messages, the sender tries to blackmail you. For example, they will threaten to spread certain information about you if you do not pay them. ACM cannot deal with these kinds of messages. However, you can file a report about phishing or extortion messages with the Fraud Help Desk and with the police (in Dutch).

2. Messages from outside the Netherlands

ACM can only deal with companies that have their registered offices in the Netherlands. Have you received an unwanted message from a foreign sender, which was sent from outside the Netherlands? In that case, ACM cannot do anything about this. However, what we can do, is forward reports about foreign spam to foreign authorities.

Report spam

Does your message meet the spam criteria? If so, please file a report with ACM. The more reports we get, the better we can act against spam.