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Our people

Over 500 professionals work at the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM). What is our mission? It is creating a level playing field for businesses, and informing consumers so they will stand up for their rights.

Finding the best solution to the complex problems that ACM detects is not an easy task. When tackling these problems, all of us here at ACM focus on dealing with the root causes of those problems, and on preventing them from happening again. That is why we stay in touch with the outside world, for example with trade associations and consumer organizations. And, within the organization too, co-workers from different departments and with different areas of expertise constantly work together in project teams.

Having intimate knowledge of markets and laws is essential in order to fully understand problems. Think, for example, of technical knowledge of the energy market and telecom market, but also knowledge of competition law and consumer protection rules. That is why we have many economists and lawyers who work for us. We are often looking for new talent in these areas. However, we also have people who are able to connect these two areas, or who are able to offer a different approach because of their expertise. Such individuals may include behaviorists, criminologists, and security officers.