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The Art of Supervision

This Liber Amicorum has been created on the occasion of Pieter Kalbfleisch’s retirement in June 2011 as chairman of the Board of the Netherlands Competition Authority (NMa).

The themes of this Liber Amicorum are related to Pieter’s varied interests, both professional and personal. Not only does it contain themes such as the art of supervision, international cooperation, regulation, public interests and competition law in court, but also competition and art, competition and solidarity, and competition and stewardship. And considering the interests of Pieter, this book is not complete without the theme of competition and sports. The contributions of the authors show that supervision is, as Pieter would say, in all of its aspects “more an art than a craft.”

ISBN/EAN-number: 978-90-821616-0-1


  • Henk Don
  • Jaap de Keijzer
  • Esther Lamboo
  • Monique van Oers
  • Jarig van Sinderen


The Art of Supervision (PDF - 3.98 MB)