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Charges for calls from landline to mobile phones reduced further

The Commission of OPTA, the Independent Post and Telecommunications Authority, has further reduced the terminating tariffs for calls to mobile phones. Overall the charges of terminating calls to mobile phone subscribers are to be lowered by about 5 cents in three stages. These are the tariffs which the companies charge each other (so-called mobile terminating tariffs). Since KPN has a duty to pass on these charges to its customers, it is mainly fixed telephone callers who will benefit from these measures.

These tariffs are to be lowered in three stages, thereby giving mobile operators the opportunity to adjust to the new situation. In this respect there will be a difference between the tariff charged by KPN and Vodafone, on the one hand, and Orange and T-Mobile, on the other. This is related to the different frequencies which these parties have at their disposal. As a result, Orange and T-Mobile are required to incur more expenses for their network, which offers national coverage. This is expressed in the tariffs which OPTA has imposed in that they are cost-oriented. Consumer charges are based on this. The tariffs which mobile operators may charge for carrying calls which terminate on their network have been set as follows (stated in euros per minute).

KPN and Vodafone Orange and T-Mobile

Now 0.1100 0.1240

1 July 2006 – 1 July 2007 0.0917 0.1063

1 July 2007 – 1 July 2008 0.0733 0.0886

As of 1 July 2008 0.0550 0.0709

As early as last year, OPTA announced that these tariffs had to drop further and today their ultimate level is public knowledge. OPTA is continuing along the path of the falling trend which the mobile phone companies themselves initiated in December 2003. These tariffs are also declining in many other European countries.I

n accordance with the system stipulated in the telecommunications legislation, a draft decision was published which today will be the subject of national consultations, and for which the European Commission’s consent is required. It is anticipated that a final decision may be taken in September. KPN will be required to pass on this reduction to its customers as of that time.