Dutch heat supplier Eneco to refund fees for certain heat connections


Dutch heat supplier Eneco will compensate users who, between 2014 and 2018, paid too much for their connections to a heat network. These compensations concern between 22 and 115 one-off, additional connections to heat networks in the Dutch cities of Utrecht, Den Haag, and Amstelveen. For these connections, users will each receive compensations of, on average, 3,500 euros. The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) has declared Eneco’s commitment regarding these compensations binding. Following a complaint filed by a user, Eneco took measures, and contacted ACM of its own accord about this commitment. Eneco will contact the customers (former and current) in question directly.

During the abovementioned period, users paid a fee, which was based on the actual costs, for a new connection to an existing heat network. However, such fees are statutorily capped. From 2019 onwards, Eneco has charged the correct amounts. Since 2020, the regulatory rules no longer distinguish between fees for new connections to existing or new heat networks.

Consumer protection for heat users

In the energy transition, ACM pays attention to the protection of consumers, among other priorities. This expressly applies to the supply of heat as well. More and more households receive individual-building heating and district heating. They are entitled to a secure supply of heat, at transparent prices, and under reasonable conditions. ACM enforces compliance with these rules.

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