Consultation of Schiphol’s cost allocation system for 2022-2024

Today, the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) published the draft decision regarding the cost allocation system of Amsterdam airport Schiphol for the period of 2022-2024. Schiphol uses this system to set the tariffs that it charges airlines. Such tariffs include landing and take-off tariffs and security tariffs. Schiphol sets these tariffs for a period of three years starting in 2022. This replaces the current system that will expire this year. Interested parties have until May 13 to submit their comments about the draft decision.

Regulation of Schiphol’s tariffs

Schiphol is only allowed to pass on to airlines the costs that are related to aviation and security. Before setting the tariffs it charges airlines, Schiphol must demonstrate, using a cost allocation system, what costs they have included in the tariffs for airlines. ACM must subsequently approve this system. When assessing the system, ACM checks whether Schiphol has applied acceptable accounting principles.


ACM invites all interested parties to submit to ACM their comments about the draft decision, by e-mail, stating “Consultation cost allocation system Schiphol 2022-2024” to or by regular mail to:

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM)
Telecommunications, Transport and Postal Services Department (TVP)
Reference: Consultation cost allocation system Schiphol 2022-2024
P.O. Box 16326
2500 BH The Hague
The Netherlands

Airlines and other parties that have an interest in this decision have six weeks (starting today) to submit their comments. You may submit these comments in English.

On request, to be submitted to the email address, a so-called “comparator version” can be provided. In this version, the changes compared to the current allocation system are visible.