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  • ACM: changes to consumer law should protect people better

    Publication | News | 03-04-2019

    The increase in the number of independent contractors and the evolution of the digital economy call for a new impetus to consumer protection law. ACM thus calls for changes to laws, so that independent contractors and consumers will be better protected.

  • Insight 2018

    Publication | Visions & opinions | 11-04-2018

    Digitalization offers great opportunities and benefits for consumers and businesses. However, there are also risks of abuses of market power or potentially negative effects brought on by sophisticated software used on websites.

  • Report: Taking a closer look at online video platforms

    Publication | Studies | 22-08-2017

    ACM publishes the results of a market study into online platforms that stream videos.

  • No dominant market power among online video streaming platforms

    Publication | News | 22-08-2017

    The ACM did not find any indications for anticompetitive risks on the online advertising market and the online video market.

  • ACM calls for increased transparency in online reviews

    Publication | News | 11-05-2017

    ACM has not found any indications of structural problems in online reviews. ACM does call on parties to increase transparency.