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  • Market study into major tech firms on Dutch payments market

    Publication | News | 22-10-2019

    ACM has launched a market study into the activities of major tech firms (so-called Big Techs) on the Dutch payments market. The main research question is what plans these Big Techs have, and what impact those plans would have on consumers and businesses.

  • Insurers do not distort competition on the auto-body repair market

    Publication | News | 22-10-2019

    Many small auto-body repair businesses have trouble staying afloat. This is not the result of anticompetitive conduct by insurers, but rather the result of market developments. This has been one of the conclusions of an ACM study into the market for auto-body repair services.

  • ACM to draw up guidelines for the sharing of telecom infrastructure

    Publication | News | 21-10-2019

    ACM will draw up guidelines for telecom providers that wish to share infrastructure in the roll-out of 5G. Over the past few months, ACM has had discussions about this topic with several stakeholders in the telecom sector.

  • ACM: extensive roll-out of fiber-optic needed for making the telecommunications network future-ready

    Publication | News | 18-10-2019

    Fiber-optic connections offer consumers more freedom of choice, and are needed to meet the growing demand for fast broadband access, now and in the future. ACM carried out this market study to find out how this important innovation is introduced by the market.

  • ACM organizes second Master Thesis Day

    Publication | News | 16-10-2019

    On 15 October, ACM organized the second ‘ACM Master Thesis Day’. This purpose of the ACM Master Thesis Day is to strengthen the ties between ACM and academia.

  • ACM compels online store vidaXL to improve the availability of its customer service

    Publication | News | 15-10-2019

    ACM has reprimanded online store vidaXL for the poor availability of its customer service. VidaXL has promised ACM to improve the availability of its customer service (phone, email, and chat).

  • Summary of ACM’s REMIT Interviews

    Publication | Studies | 15-10-2019

    This is a summary of ACM’s REMIT interviews about the role of information in electricity trading decisions.

  • REMIT Briefing #2

    Publication | Corporate publications | 15-10-2019

    This update shows ACM’s recent activities under the REMIT regulation.

  • ACM: green and Dutch power are now truly green and Dutch

    Publication | News | 11-10-2019

    Certificates of energy suppliers stating that the power these suppliers sell is green now comply with the relevant statutory requirements.

  • ACM to withdraw unused mobile numbers

    Publication | News | 07-10-2019

    ACM will be contacting telecom operators about their use of mobile numbers. Numbers that are not in use within a year after they were assigned, have to be returned to ACM. In this way, ACM wishes to prevent a shortage of mobile numbers.