ACM Policy Rule on arrangements as part of the movement called ‘The right care in the right place’ (JZOJP)

Health care providers and health insurers have to collaborate, as part of the initiative called ‘the Right Care in the Right Place’ (in Dutch: De Juiste Zorg op de Juiste Plek). Many forms of collaborations are allowed. However, collaborations can also go too far, thereby leaving patients and insured unable to benefit from them, for example, if prices go up, as the result of a collaboration, or if the incentive to improve quality disappears.

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) has therefore drawn up the ‘Policy Rule on the Right Care in the Right Place’, to explain in what situations ACM will act against collaborations. In this policy rule, it is explained that it will not impose any fines if collaborations meet five criteria.