ACM has established new tariff structures for natural gas based on European rules


The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) has set the tariff calculation method for the transmission of natural gas. This is the national implementation of European rules that ensure that the tariff calculations within Europe will converge and will become more transparent. As a result thereof, gas traders and gas buyers will have more certainty about the tariffs they will be faced with. This will make natural-gas transmission within Europe easier for them, thereby strengthening security of supply.

ACM decided to introduce a postage stamp method, which means that, across the Netherlands, everyone pays the same transmission tariff, irrespective of geographical location. This makes the tariffs considerably more transparent. In addition, a higher discount of 60% on gas storages is introduced, considering, among other factors, the role that gas storages have in relation to security of supply. Finally, the tariffs for quarterly and monthly products will go down.

Consulting buyers

The new tariff structures and conditions for the transmission of natural gas have been established following intensive discussions with transmission system operator Gasunie Transport Services (GTS), TAQA, BBL Company, as well as with various interest groups: Vereniging voor Energie, Milieu en Water (VEMW), Energie-Nederland, Vereniging Gasopslag Nederland (VGN), Nederlandse Olie en Gas Exploratie en Productie Associatie (NOGEPA) and Vereniging LNG Shippers Nederland (VLNG).

All of these parties and ACM have agreed on the new tariff structures. They have also committed to making the breakdown of the tariffs more transparent, agreed on how to implement the market integration with BBL, and on creating a transparent procedure for possible future market integration. Moreover, the parties to the agreement will withdraw their objections and appeals in current legal proceedings concerning these topics.

ACM creates opportunities and options

ACM creates opportunities and options for businesses and consumers. As independent regulator, ACM is committed to making the economy function well. ACM makes sure that energy rates continue to be reasonable, and that security of supply is guaranteed.