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Notification of decision on wholesale tariff regulation 2004-2005

In a meeting on 26 May, OPTA informed interested parties of OPTA’s intention to approve KPN’s cost allocation system for its terminating services (for the period 1 September 2004 to 1 September 2005) and originating services (for the period 1 July 2004 to 1 July 2005), and to assess the tariffs arising from this system as cost-oriented tariffs. During this meeting, the entire set of measures was explained. Moreover, a clarification was given of the reason for using a different procedure for the tariff assessment this year as opposed to previously. Interested parties were given the opportunity to give OPTA their verbal responses during the meeting or to submit responses in writing up to a week after the meeting. OPTA took into account these responses during its assessment of KPN’s tariff proposal and the ultimate decision process regarding this matter. OPTA has since completed this assessment and the decision process. OPTA wishes to inform market participants by means of this notification.



Notification of decision on wholesale tariff regulation 2004-2005 (PDF - 345.46 KB)