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ACM: TenneT has implemented the measures it promised to prevent power outages as much as possible

Dutch transmission system operator TenneT has complied with its commitment to taking measures to prevent power outages as much as possible. The commitment was prompted by a power outage that occurred near the southern Dutch city of Eindhoven on June 17, 2018. At the time, the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) carried out an investigation into the causes of that power outage, and, in 2020, approved the measures proposed by TenneT that would deal with the underlying problems in a more structural manner.

ACM believes that, with these measures, TenneT has taken meaningful steps to prevent future power outages as much as possible. For example, employee knowledge levels have gone up, and compliance with rules and procedures has also improved.

However, despite these improvements, there are still several major points for attention for TenneT. ACM finds it important that the protection devices on TenneT’s grids are activated quickly and on time, in accordance with TenneT’s protocols. During a major power outage in central Netherlands on September 2, 2022, it turned out that the protection devices did not function properly for various reasons. ACM will continue to monitor the thereto-related follow-up measures, and will stay in contact with TenneT about this matter on a regular basis.