ACM has approved TenneT’s commitment to the prevention of power outages

Dutch transmission system operator TenneT has drawn up a detailed plan consisting of measures to prevent power outages as much as possible. With this plan, TenneT alleviates the concerns of the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) about the security of supply. ACM has therefore approved TenneT’s commitment. With ACM’s approval, TenneT is also legally required to carry out the plan.

Manon Leijten, Member of the Board of ACM, explains: ‘It is important that TenneT proposes further measures for preventing power outages as much as possible. ACM has approved the commitments, and will closely monitor the implementations thereof. In this way, both TenneT and ACM, each acting in their respective roles, contribute to the safeguarding of the public interest of security of supply of electricity’.

Power outage in 2018

The measures were prompted by a power outage that occurred near the southern Dutch city of Eindhoven on June 17, 2018. ACM investigated that power outage, and asked TenneT to deal with the underlying problems in a more structural manner, so as to prevent further power outages in the future. Following this request, TenneT has committed to adopting a broad package of measures.

The measures

The measures that TenneT will adopt are based on five elements:

  • Employees: further enhancing knowledge and skills, and promoting the sharing of knowledge among employees;
  • Processes: further improving the processes with regard to the security of the energy network, such as the further harmonization of test procedures;
  • Learning capacity: developing and implementing processes that will increase TenneT’s learning capacity;
  • Maintenance: carrying out effective maintenance, such as monitoring the implementation of the maintenance policy;
  • Culture: further promoting a compliance culture aimed at compliance with the rules and procedures.

Solving power outages more quickly

In addition to the measures to prevent future power outages, TenneT will also work on solving power outages more quickly, by making several investments in the grids over the next few years. ACM underlines the importance of those investments. In the coming years, ACM will continue to monitor these commitments, for example when ACM assesses TenneT’s investment plans.

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