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ACM makes market analysis for high-quality business telecom services available for consultation

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) has made a draft version of the Market Analysis of High-Quality Wholesale Access (HWT) available for consultation among relevant market participants in the market for business telecommunication services. With HWT, telecom providers without nationwide networks of their own will be able to offer telecom services to business end-users. In the market analysis, ACM proposes to end regulation of this market, because of  increased competition in the fiber-optic segment. 

Since Dutch telecom operator KPN had significant market power on the market for HWT, ACM had mandated KPN to offer access to its copper network to telecom providers without networks of their own. In this way, they were able to offer business end-users high-quality and reliable services. Today, telecom providers have more opportunities to gain access, for example using alternative fiber-optic networks, so  market participants are less dependent on KPN. As a result, regulation of High-Quality Wholesale Access to KPN’s copper network is no longer necessary, according to ACM. Telecom providers without networks of their own are sufficiently able to make arrangements on their own with KPN about access to its copper network, or are able to serve business end-users using the various business fiber-optic networks in the Netherlands. 

Submitting your opinions

ACM offers interested parties the opportunity to submit their opinions regarding the draft decision. These opinions will be included in the final version of the market analysis decision. You can submit your opinion until 14 January 2021. Your opinion can be sent to or to:

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets
Telecommunications, Transport and Postal Services Department (TVP)
PO Box 16326
2500 BH The Hague
The Netherlands

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