ACM maintains a register with municipal information about gas connections


Starting this week, the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) will maintain a public register containing information from municipalities about natural-gas connections. Municipalities are required to report to ACM any decisions they take regarding "gas-less" districts and districts that will get connections to the gas grid.

Regions with existing gas networks

Starting 1 July 2018, municipalities are able to decide that, in areas with existing gas networks, the gas connection obligation will no longer apply to new connections. In that case, an alternative energy supply must be realized. And where a municipality has a heat plan for a district, homes in that district will be connected to a heat network.

New housing developments

New housing developments will not receive new gas connections, but there are exceptions. For example, new housing developments could be granted a gas connection if an application for a permit was filed before 1 July 2018. Furthermore, new housing developments can also be given gas connections if the municipality considers such to be necessary because of overriding reasons in the public interest.

Heat plan

An exception is also made for areas for which the municipality has drawn up heat plans. Has the planned number of heat connections been reached? Or is the distance too great for a heat connection? If buyers cannot have heat connections for reasons such as these, the gas connection obligation will continue to apply.

Energy markets in transition

"Energy markets in transition" is a key priority on ACM's Agenda for the next few years. ACM helps create an energy supply that is sustainable, secure, and affordable. It wants to ensure an efficient switching process towards sustainable energy sources, so that the energy transition will not be more expensive than necessary.

Information for municipalities

Are you responsible for registering new districts with ACM on behalf of your municipality? You can find a form and guide on our website (in Dutch).