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ACM: green and Dutch power are now truly green and Dutch

Certificates of energy suppliers stating that the power these suppliers sell is green now comply with the relevant statutory requirements. This is also true for certificates of energy suppliers saying that their green power is generated using Dutch wind turbines or solar panels. These are some of the conclusions of an investigation and an intervention by the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM).

Green power

Over half of all Dutch households consume green power. Suppliers are required to list on power content labels all of the energy sources that are used to generate the power they supply. In that context, the share of green power must be backed up by cancellations of so-called ‘Guarantees of Origin’ of CertiQ, which is an organization that certifies green power. An investigation conducted by ACM has revealed that several suppliers were unable to substantiate all of their green power. These suppliers subsequently adjusted their power disclosure labels or cancelled additional ‘guarantees of origin’.

Dutch power

More and more households want green power that is generated using Dutch wind turbines or solar panels. And more and more suppliers say that they are able to supply such power. It is not mandatory to list the country of origin on power content labels, but suppliers must be able to back up their certificates with Dutch ‘guarantees of origin’. ACM’s investigation revealed that this substantiation was insufficient among several suppliers. These suppliers have adjusted their certificates or cancelled additional ‘guarantees of origin’.

Grey power

Starting in 2020, suppliers will be required to substantiate sources of grey power too, using certificates. Grey power (sometimes also called brown power) is energy generated using fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas. ACM will then also start checking the grey component of the power disclosure label.

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