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Complaints about ACM

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) aims to do its work with the best possible care. However, do you feel you were nevertheless treated incorrectly? If so, you have the opportunity to file a complaint.

Finding a solution

As soon as we receive your complaint, we will start examining what appears to be the issue. We will first attempt to find a solution in consultation with you. To that end, we will sit down with you and discuss your complaint. If we are unable to reach a solution in this manner, we will officially start processing your complaint.


We process complaints in accordance with the ACM complaints procedure. This procedure is based on the Dutch General Administrative Law Act (Awb), which regulates how we process complaints. Our independent complaints officer will examine your complaint, and will then issue a recommendation to the Board of ACM. The Board ultimately decides on the outcome.

How to submit your complaint to ACM

You can submit your complaint about ACM online. Please do not forget to provide your email address. A copy of your complaint will be sent to your email address.

Other complaints

Are you about to submit a complaint with this form, but your complaint does not concern any incorrect treatment you received from ACM or its employees? If this is the case, ACM will also provide you with a response. However, we will not treat a complaint of this nature in accordance with the ACM complaints procedure mentioned above. Please click the link below in order to find out where you can directly submit other complaints, tips, and indications.

How does ACM process your complaint?

ACM will treat your complaint confidentially. You will receive confirmation that we have received your complaint. The person whom your complaint concerns will receive a copy of your complaint. You and the person addressed in your complaint are then both given the opportunity to provide further explanation verbally. These explanations will be added to a report. The complaints officer will issue a recommendation to the Board of ACM on how to process the complaint. In a letter, the Board will inform you how the complaint will be handled. This is usually done within 10 weeks, but may take up to four more weeks in some cases.

What are your options if you disagree with the decision of the Board of ACM?

You can contact the national Ombudsman.