Overzicht tarieven drinkwater 2019 Sint Eustatius (Caribisch Nederland)


De ACM publiceert de tarieven voor de regulering van de drinkwaterbedrijven op Sint Eustatius.

Maximum tariffs STUCO per January 1st 2019

This overview shows the tariffs that STUCO can maximally charge the customer effective from January 1st, 2019. These tariffs are net of subsidy by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

Maximum variable distribution tariff: 7,8746 USD/M3

Maximum fixed distribution tariff (USD per month)

Year Capacity tariff excl. subsidy
2019 69,62

Drinking water by truck (USD per M3)

Year Tariff excl. subsidy
2019 15,30

Connection tariff

Tariff (USD) Tariff for road crossing, if applicable (USD per meter)
260,12 180,65

Reconnection tariff: USD 40,00

This document contains the tariffs as set by the Authority for Consumers and Markets for the distribution tariffs for drinking water for STUCO for the year 2019.  Reference is ACM/18/033332, filenumer ACM/UIT/503141.