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Volkswagen is taking steps to solve consumer issues with diesel cars in the EU

Volkswagen has partially met the requirements set by the joint European regulators to resolve the problems of consumers with diesel cars. This has been announced by the European Commission (EC) in a statement released today. These requirements entailed that Volkswagen treat consumers with diesel cars with modified software in an expedient and accommodating manner. The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) played a coordinating and initiating role in the collaboration between the European regulators.

By now, the software in 80% of diesel cars in Europe has been repaired without any costs for consumers. The available information for consumers has also been improved. Volkswagen unfortunately has not complied with the requirement to provide a full guarantee on the diesel cars after repair. If necessary, individual member states may take follow-up actions to compel Volkswagen to take further steps on specific issues.

Consequences for Dutch consumers

Most Dutch diesel cars with modified software have been repaired (approximately 75%). If consumers experience issues with their cars that could be connected to these repairs, they can contact Volkswagen. Volkswagen has promised to take all of these complaints seriously. The company will then try and reach a satisfactory solution in consultation with the car owners. Owners of cars that have not yet been repaired can contact Volkswagen.

ACM imposed a fine on Volkswagen at the end of last year for misleading consumers. Volkswagen objected to this decision. These proceedings are still ongoing.