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Letter on significant market power 2002

At this point in time, KPN has been designated in the market for fixed public telephony and for leased lines, and KPN Mobile has been designated for mobile telephony.

Based on the Guidelines for designation of significant market power, OPTA annually reviews whether or not the designation of an operator as a party with SMP should continue. An important source of information for the review is the annual market survey.

Based mainly on this market survey OPTA will further determine whether or not the existing designations for mobile telephony, fixed telephony, and for leased lines should remain in force, and whether or not other operators should be designated.

OPTA has decided to take a integrated approach to the SMP designation for the mobile, fixed, leased lines, and fixed & mobile segments. In this way, an attempt is being made to reduce the burden as far as possible for your company insofar as it is active in the various market segments.



Letter on significant market power 2002 (PDF - 5.46 MB)