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The website has been given a new look for 2011. The website has been redesigned in the new government-wide house style of the Netherlands.

The new government-wide house style

The website has been redesigned in order to bring it into line with the new government-wide house style that must now be used by all institutions that form part of the national government. This uniform house style has been introduced in order to ensure that national government organisations are more easily recognised and are more easily accessible to citizens and businesses alike. The Cabinet also predicts that developing and managing a single house style will be more cost-effective than developing and managing more than 200 different styles and that cost savings will therefore result. 

What changes have been made?

In accordance with the guidelines, the Netherlands Consumer Authority's logo consisting of the green dots has been replaced with the national coat of arms and ribbon. What is more, the Netherlands Consumer Authority’s principal colour of green has been replaced by three bright colours from the government-wide palette of colours - yellow, blue and red.

As well as altering the appearance of its website, the Netherlands Consumer Authority has also optimised the structure, information and functionality of the site, in order to ensure that information about the powers and working methods of the Authority is more clearly presented and is easier to find for entrepreneurs and others who visit the site. The website now also incorporates a larger number of links to, the information desk for consumers that is jointly operated by the Consumer Authority, OPTA and the Netherlands Competition Authority (NMa). This means that Consumers visiting the Netherlands Consumer Authority’s website who are seeking information about their rights or who wish to submit a complaint about a company will now find it easier to access relevant pages on 

From now on, all other communications media used by the Netherlands Consumer Authority will appear in the new national government house style.