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Monitor Gas and Electricity 2005-2007

Market monitor gas 2007 : Improving utilization of import capacity essential

The monitor report 2007 reveals that the natural gas market seriously lags behind the electricity market. A major bottleneck affecting the functioning of the gas market is underutilization of the cross-border connections. Existing import capacity is still often unutilized, even when increased utilization would be profitable considering the price differences with neighboring countries. Another important point is the so-called balancing regime. Having a market-based system that enables traders to balance their incoming and outgoing gas flows is a necessary condition for improving the functioning of the wholesale market.

The development of the central trading facility Title Transfer Facility (TTF) is a source of concern to the NMa. A full-fledged gas trading platform is critical to the development of the gas market and also to the position of the Netherlands as a European gas hub. A bigger and more diverse range of products is needed to truly kick-start this trading platform.

Market monitor electricity 2007: Competition on electricity market remains limited

The monitor report 2007 shows that that the electricity market functions better than the gas market. Close attention is needed to the fact that there is a limited number of electricity suppliers. As a result, prices are higher than in a situation where there is ample competition. Competition could be improved if the Dutch electricity market is further integrated with those of its neighbours. One way to achieve this is through the use of so-called market coupling. Coupling the Dutch power-exchange market APX with those in Belgium and in France has already shown that cross-border connections are utilized more efficiently. Coupling with the German and Norwegian markets should therefore be established as soon as possible.

Market monitor Gas 2006 Gas: Developments on the Gas Wholesale Market in the Netherlands in 2006

The Dutch wholesale market for natural gas is experiencing a number of major bottlenecks impeding competition. Market players indicat a shortage of available import capacity, storage capacity and quality conversion, while these facilities are not being optimally used. This is identified in the market monitor gas wholesale market 2006. In correspondence to the electricity market, further market integration in the North-West European region is necessary in order to provide consumers with more benefits of market liberalization. Recommendations made in the market monitor correlate with those made by NMa/Energiekamer earlier in the report 'Acceleration of the development of the TTF and the gas wholesale market'.

Market monitor electricity 2006: Competition on Dutch electricity market stagnates

The Dutch wholesale market for electricity is still characterized by a large amount of producers and high prices. This has been concluded in the annual market monitor of the wholesale market 2006. The analysis by NMa confirms the conclusion made by the European Commission earlier this year that limited competition on the wholesale market leads to higher prices. According to NMa the most important problem lies in the cross-border connections with our neighbouring countries. More efficient use and extension of these connections are necessary in order to give Dutch competition a boost. Improved competition could lead to a decrease in the electricity bill of the consumer by several dozens of euro's each year.

Market monitor gas 2005: Developments on the Gas Wholesale Market in the Netherlands in 2005

Judging by the collected data for 2005, Energiekamer concludes that the wholesale gas market functions insufficiently. Significant progress has been made through efforts of market parties, GTS, the Ministery of Economic Affairs and Energiekamer. Still, the market does not operate well enough as yet. Problems that were signalled before, have still not all been resolved, and in some areas the situation will deteriorate unless measures are put into place.



Monitor Energy Markets 2007 - Analysis of developments on the Dutch wholesale markets for gas and electricity - 2 (PDF - 2.3 MB) Gas: Market Monitor: Developments in the Wholesale Gas Market in the Netherlands in 2006 (PDF - 3.24 MB) Electricity: Market Monitor: Development of the Wholesale Electricity Market in 2006 (PDF - 497 KB) Gas: Market Monitor: Developments on the Gas Wholesale Market in the Netherlands in 2005 (PDF - 1.45 MB)