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NMa: network operators should offer all energy companies the same invoicing services

Dutch network operators should offer all energy companies the same services regarding invoicing to customers. This is a recommendation that is put forward in the Vision Document on Invoicing, which the Netherlands Competition Authority has published today. Some energy companies are currently able to offer the same services to their customers at a lower cost than new entrants can to theirs. These are energy companies that used to belong or still belong to the same group as the regional network operator.

In this case, services offered by the energy companies mean that they offer combined invoices to their customers, which is an invoice that includes the network costs and the supply costs. Differences in how these combined invoices are generated lead to an unequal playing field for new energy companies that did not belong to the same group as the network operators have. Peter Plug, director of the Office of Energy Regulation of the NMa, reacts: 'We want network operators to take their responsibility seriously with regard to combined invoices, and we want them to offer every energy supplier the same services under the exact same conditions.'

Mr. Plug continues: 'The NMa wants network operators to take action immediately, because the mandatory supplier model has not yet been implemented. In 2008, it looked like the mandatory supplier model would be implemented soon, which would give suppliers a more equal competitive position.'