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DTe Tests the Independence of Electricity Grid and Gas Network Managers

On 22 May, the Office for Energy Regulation (DTe) will start carrying out on-site 'audits' at approximately 45 managers of electricity grids and gas networks. On the basis of company visits, DTe compares the actual situation on the premises of the grid or network managers with the requirements pursuant to the Electricity Act of 1998 and the Gas Act. The legislation and regulations make it obligatory for grid or network companies and supply companies that are part of the same group to operate independently of each other and to promote competition on the market for the supply of gas and electricity. On the basis of 'audits', DTe assesses whether the grid or network managers satisfy these statutory requirements.

Every audit is completed by a report in which DTe gives its opinion on the extent to which the grid or network manager satisfies the statutory requirements and, where appropriate, what action still needs to be taken in order to satisfy the requirements. DTe periodically informs the Minister of Economic Affairs of the results of these audits.

The independence of the grid and network managers has been a regular topic of debate in the Lower House of Parliament in relation to the liberalisation of the energy market. The Minister of Economic Affairs has instructed DTe to carry out the audits.