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DTe: Order Subject to a Penalty for E.ON

The Office for Energy Regulation (DTe) has imposed an order subject to a penalty of EUR 20,000 on the electricity producer E.ON Benelux Generations N.V. If E.ON does not provide the data on price increases on the APX in the summer of 2001 requested by DTe within a week, the company will be required to pay this penalty. It is the first time that DTe has imposed an order subject to a penalty.

In accordance with the Electricity Act of 1998, DTe is authorised to request information from electricity producers. DTe has requested data from, amongst others, E.ON. The other producers have provided DTe with the data.

The Netherlands Competition Authority (NMa) and DTe, as a chamber of NMa, are jointly responsible for the proper functioning of the energy market in the Netherlands. The strong fluctuations in price trends on the electricity market in the summer of 2001 were the reason that NMa and DTe requested the advice of the Market Surveillance Committee (MSC) on the way the electricity market in the Netherlands functions.