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Belgian, French and Dutch energy regulators publish a Roadmap on regional market integration

The energy regulators CREG, CRE and DTe have agreed on a Roadmap towards integration of the three wholesale electricity markets of Belgium, France and The Netherlands.

The "Roadmap" aims to implement various steps towards the regional integration in the three countries, such as:

  • establishing coordinated and harmonised explicit auction methods on the borders between Belgium, France and The Netherlands;
  • improvements in wholesale market and TSO transparency;
  • establishing a cross-border intraday and balancing market;
  • improved co-operation between regulators, and
  • a clear set of issues for the regulators to examine the efficient and secure functioning of the market coupling concept.

Implementation will begin on January 1st 2006. Integration of electricity markets can improve liquidity, security of supply and price stability for the three countries. The objective of regional market integration is maximum availability of cross-border capacity and efficient cross border trade, to the benefit of Belgian, French and Dutch consumers.

This summer, the three regulators organised a consultation of market parties on a wide range of issues, for example allocation of cross-border capacity, market transparency, market power and cooperation between regulators. Market parties from 7 different European countries responded to the consultation. The market parties' contributions have helped the three regulators to define a common approach for the progressive regional integration of the three markets.