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NMa 2008 Annual Report


In 2008, the Netherlands Competition Authority (NMa) imposed fines for violations of the Competition Act totaling 9 million Euro. Eleven formal investigations have been carried out that resulted in a Statement of Objections, including investigations into the paint industry and the health care industry, on suspicions that the Competition Act had been violated.

Furthermore, the NMa handled 29 complaints, issued 119 decisions in merger or acquisition cases and handled 154 objections against a sanction decision, including 74 construction cases. The NMa issued its first commitment decision in June 2008, involving the day-care industry. The NMa issued a total of 119 decisions in energy cases, imposed fines on parties in the energy industry totaling 1.6 million Euro, and provided the Minister of Economic Affairs advice in 16 energy dossiers. The NMa concluded four sanction cases in the regulated transport sectors, imposed fines totaling 1.7 million Euro, and imposed an order subject to periodic penalty payments on Dutch network infrastructure manager ProRail for having violated the Railway Act. Furthermore, the NMa set the pilotage tariffs for the first time ever. Also, the NMa handled almost 25,000 questions, tip-offs and reports through the consumer information portal ConsuWijzer, jointly operated by the Consumer Authority, OPTA and the NMa. In its annual report, the NMa also quantified the direct effect of its activities. According to rough and conservative estimates, oversight by the NMa in 2008 has saved Dutch consumers approximately 700 million Euro.


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