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NMa clears CZ's acquisition of healthcare activities Delta Lloyd

The Netherlands Competition Authority (NMa) has approved the acquisition of Delta Lloyd health activities by health insurance company CZ. The Authority found that the merger will not create or strengthen a dominant position restricting competition in the health insurance market. Following the acquisition, the combination will be the third largest health insurance company in the Netherlands, with a market share of approximately 20 per cent.

The investigation carried out by the NMa looked into the extent to which the merger would create a dominant position. The NMa established that on national level, in addition to the new combination, three large health insurance companies will remain: Achmea, UVIT and Menzis. Also, a number of small players will be active nationally. Though the combination achieves high market shares in the provinces of Zeeland, Limburg and Noord-Brabant, the addition of Delta Lloyd to the existing market share of CZ is relatively small. Moreover, two alternative large national players remain active in these provinces. The new combination will therefore be under sufficient competitive pressure, states the NMa.

Given the dynamics in the health insurance market, the NMa takes the view that the merger will not have adverse effects on competition. As it is easy for policyholders to join a collectivity, health insurers are being forced to compete for the favour of the consumer by introducing innovative health insurance products.

The NMa has consulted the Dutch Health Authority (NZa) in the course of its investigation. The NZa endorses the NMa's decision. The decision document will be made available on the NMa's website as soon as possible.