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Consultation Document on Mergers on the Energy Markets

The Netherlands Competition Authority (NMa) invites the energy sector to respond to its consultation document on mergers in the energy sector. Energy markets are in a state of flux, both nationally and internationally. Therefore, the NMa considers it important to reassess these markets with a view to its merger control policy.

In its consultation document the regulator distinguishes three electricity markets: the market for electricity production and wholesale trade in electricity, the market for electricity transport and distribution and the retail (consumer) market for electricity. Reactions to the consultation document will be processed in an NMa vision document, which is due for publication later this year.

Under the authorisation of the NMa, The Brattle Group has drawn up a research report. Below you can find both documents.


Parties can react within 8 weeks. You can submit your reaction by e-mail or in writing to the NMa before August 4, 2006.
Netherlands Competition Authority
T.a.o. Jan de Maa and Martijn van Gemert (number 5209)
P.O. Box 16326
2500 BH The Hague
The Netherlands



Consultation Document on Mergers on the Energy Markets (PDF - 1000.71 KB) Rapport The Brattle Group fusies energiesector juni 2006 (PDF - 3.74 MB)