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NMa: green light for acquisition of Laurus subsidiaries by Sligro, Sperwer and Jumbo

The Netherlands Competiton Authority (NMa) gives the green light for both Sligro's acquisition and Sperwer's acquisition of a number of Edah supermarkets owned by Laurus Nederland B.V. The NMa also gives the green light for Jumbo's acquisition of 12 Konmar supermarkets.

Sligro exploits the supermarket format Golff, Meermarkt, Attent and EM-TÉ. Sperwer exploits the two supermarket formats PLUS and Spar; Jumbo exploits its supermarkets by means of its Jumbo-format. The acquisitions do not give rise to the emergence or strengthening of a dominant position, states the NMa. On a national as well as a local level, the supermarket formats of Sligro, Sperwer and Jumbo will still experience sufficient competitive pressure exerted by other supermarket chains.

In the purchase market too, the NMa does not envisage problems in the field of competition as a result of these acquisitions. The Edah supermarkets and 12 Konmar supermarkets that have now been acquired, only represent a small market share and, furthermore, a sufficient number of strong competitors remain in the purchase market. Also, the market share of Superunie, the purchasing organisation with which Sligro, Sperwer and Jumbo are associated, only increases with a few percent.

Ahold intends to take over 29 Konmar supermarkets. This intended merger requires official notification with the European Commission. The Commission will shortly decide about referring the case to the NMa, as the economic effects involved in fact pertain to the Netherlands only.

In case of mergers and acquisitions exceeding specified turnover requirements, the NMa assesses the possible emergence or further strengthening of a dominant position. Such a dominant position may have detrimental effects on the price, quality and diversity of supplies. In that case, the NMa may impose conditions on a merger or decide against clearing a merger.