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NMa: Grid Managers Must Solve Power Failures Quickly

A grid manager should not be dependent on third parties to solve problems, such as power failures, affecting the electricity grid. Such dependency is contrary to the Electricity Act, according to the Netherlands Competition Authority (NMa), in a decision on a dispute between a customer and the customer's grid manager, Continuon.

The reason for the dispute was a complaint by a consumer about his grid manager, Continuon, which took several days to solve a problem with the grid. The delay was caused by the fact that Continuon did not have access to a security system within the grid. This security system is located in a private residence. In this case, the resident was absent during the power failure. If the grid manager is dependent on the co-operation of a third-party to solve a failure, the grid manager cannot meet its obligations under the Electricity Act. For this reason, NMa has required Continuon to take measures to solve future problems affecting the grid without having to be dependent on the co-operation of a third party.