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NMa to Conduct a Further Investigation into the Merger of Healthcare Institutions in the Gooi Region

Following an initial investigation, the Netherlands Competition Authority (NMa) has concluded that a dominant position may emerge or be strengthened on the market for psychogeriatric nursing care (care for people with mental conditions due to old age, such as dementia), community care and nursing, and intramural care, due to the merger of three healthcare institutions in the Gooi region, namely Thuiszorg Gooi en Vechtstreek, De Basis and Vivium. This may restrict competition. For this reason, NMa has decided that a licence is required for the realisation of this merger.

The merger limits the options which clients have in the Gooi region on the market for psychogeriatric nursing-home care. In addition, the parties involved have a high joint market share on the market for both intramural psychogeriatric nursing care, as well as personal care and community care. This may mean that a dominant position may emerge or be strengthened.

On the market for old-age home care, NMa wishes to conduct a further investigation into the "referral" role which Thuiszorg Gooi en Vechtstreek may play. The community care offered is often the point at which elderly clients are referred to an old-age home. A healthcare institution can probably tie customers to itself by referring them to old-age homes which are part of the same group. After the merger, the parties will have a very strong position in the area of community care and old-age home care. This may restrict the opportunities which other suppliers have to develop activities. This is another reason to conduct a further investigation.

If the parties apply for a licence, NMa is required to take a decision within 13 weeks on whether the merger is or is not permitted.