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Grid Manager Replaces Production Meter after Mediation by NMa

After mediation by the Netherlands Competition Authority (NMa), the regional grid manager Continuon, at its own expense, replaced the production meter of the Association of Owners of the housing complex De Oranjerie in Leiden. In addition, Continuon read the meter and passed on the data to Certiq. By doing so, Continuon fulfilled the agreements made at the beginning of June 2005. Continuon has also given the undertaking that it will solve similar problems experienced by generators of solar energy.

The background to the dispute was a complaint by De Oranjerie that Continuon had not read the production meter one year after the solar panels had become operational. In addition, Continuon declared the production meter to be unsuitable, while this meter had been installed following consultation with the energy company NUON. As a result, De Oranjerie was not able to apply for a subsidy from the government under the Electricity Production (Environmental Quality) Act [Wet milieukwaliteit elektriciteitsproductie (MEP)], which is aimed at stimulating the production of green power. During the hearing organised by NMa, at which the parties could present their opinions on the case, De Oranjerie and Continuon made agreements aimed at resolving the dispute.

Sustainable electricity is generated by solar panels. In the case of De Oranjerie, this production meets almost half of its own energy consumption.