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NMa/DTe Active in Dispute Resolution

The Netherlands Competition Authority (NMa) and the Office for Energy Regulation (DTe) have resolved a dispute for the first time. The aim of both supervisors is to ensure the proper operation of market forces on the energy market. Resolving disputes between parties on this market is part of this. NMa and DTe therefore call upon buyers on the electricity and/or gas markets to notify the grid or network manager of their disputes.

The dispute between a market gardener and a gas network manager related to an application by the market gardener to have his connection at two locations regarded as a single connection with a view to limiting gas transmission costs. The network manager had undertaken to cooperate in this if the municipality decided to regard the two locations as a single property. After the municipality had taken its decision, the network manager nevertheless refused to cooperate. It appears from the general terms and conditions of the network manager that the network manager is not obliged to regard two separate connections as a single connection. After mediation by NMa/DTe, the network manager conceded to the market gardener's wishes. The dispute was resolved within six weeks.