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NMa Does Not Approve Uniform Tariff Rotterdamse Taxi Centrale

The Netherlands Competition Authority (NMa) has not approved the application by Rotterdamse Taxi Centrale (RTC), a taxi control centre, for the use of a uniform tariff by its approximately 200 affiliated taxi companies. According to NMa, this is a price agreement which unnecessarily restrains competition between the companies. As a result, variations in tariffs will be obstructed. However, RTC may continue to coordinate taxi rides as this allows consumers to call a taxi quickly and easily by calling a central telephone number.

RTC argued that applying a single tariff provides consumers with clarity. For NMa this is not a decisive argument that justifies the price agreement between the companies. On the basis of such an agreement, the taxi companies could not reflect differences in efficiency, service and comfort in their prices. In addition, applying a uniform tariff is not indispensable in order to maintain the taxi control centre. Since taxi companies will have to determine their own tariffs, they will be able to differentiate themselves from each other. This will increase consumers' freedom of choice. In addition, customers who phone the control centre can ask for the prices charged by taxi companies and make their own choice on basis of this.

RTC carries out street taxi operations, in particular in Rotterdam. Slightly less than half of all taxis in Rotterdam are operated by companies which are affiliated to RTC.