NMa Approves De Telegraaf's Plans for the Limburg Daily Newspapers

The Netherlands Competition Authority (NMa) has approved De Telegraaf's plans for cost savings at Dagblad De Limburger and Limburgs Dagblad on condition that De Telegraaf complies with the decision taken by NMa at the time of the acquisition of De Limburger.

At the time (in May 2000), NMa gave its consent to the acquisition of De Limburger by De Telegraaf on condition that De Telegraaf guaranteed the commercial and editorial independence of De Limburger and Het Limburgs Dagblad. The cost savings which De Telegraaf now wishes to implement do not detract from the fact that both newspapers must be in a position to operate fully independently. The managements of the newspapers must be independently responsible for the commercial operation of their newspapers.

In concrete terms, this means, for instance, that the management of each of the two newspapers will take its own investment decisions, that the editorial boards are responsible for the content of their newspapers and that the staffing of the editorial boards must be adequate to guarantee this independence.