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NMa Opens Information Line for Tips on Cartels in the Construction Industry

As of today the Netherlands Competition Authority (NMa) has opened its information line for notifications of infringements of the Competition Act in the construction sector. NMa set up this information line in October of this year as a service to entrepreneurs and consumers who have questions or complaints which lie in the area covered by NMa and the Office of Energy Regulation (DTe). The number of this information line is (0800) – 0231 885. NMa can also be contacted by e-mail at info [at] nma-org [punt] nl.

People who have information that may be important for the investigation that NMa has started into possible cartels in the construction industry may also call this number. NMa may be notified of matters such as price agreements between companies or other agreements resulting in the restriction of distortion of competition. Notification may be given both by entrepreneurs and private individuals and tips may also be given anonymously.

Number of the information line: 0800 – 0231 885

E-mail address: info [at] nma-org [punt] nl (info[at]nma-org[dot]nl)