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NMa study: information on electricity company websites more comparable

Consumers can now trust the information about price and conditions found on electricity company websites more than before, according to an NMa study. This study was prompted by the fact that these sites did not provide sufficiently comparable information until recently. 'If the correct information is available, it is easier for consumers to properly compare electricity companies with each other and it is easier to change companies. Fortunately, we have now taken a step in the right direction', says Peter Plug, NMa Office of Energy Regulation Direct

Proper functioning of the energy market benefits from the consumer having access to honest and transparent information. The NMa studied a total of 32 electricity company websites in the past few months. The study was focused on three elements of the information being provided: price, conditions and information about the supplier. The majority of these companies were called to account about the fact that no complete information could be found on their sites. An NMa inspection in April of this year showed that information comparison on the web has since improved for consumers. The NMa has found that the rates are now listed all in: including VAT, energy tax and regional gas surcharge. The conditions of a (new) agreement are now explained in plain language, before the consumer signs an agreement. Now it is also clear with whom the consumer signs an agreement and whom he can address with any complaints or problems.

Clear information for the electricity consumer

The NMa will continue to closely monitor this information on electricity companies' sites, also in the future. There is still room for improvement, especially with regard to the comparability of electricity companies. Consumer research last year showed that customers can sometimes no longer see the forest for the trees. This summer the NMa will introduce a comparison tool at This will allow the consumer to gain insight into the performance of individual power companies at a single glance, such as the quality of complaint processing, telephone accessibility and receiving bills on time after moving.

Information package on energy
The NMa also aims to improve transparency in the energy market by providing insight into the quality of customer processing of electricity suppliers and timely invoicing. Moreover, the NMa pays a great deal of attention to providing practical information on the rights and obligations of an electricity consumer via the ConsuWijzer website.

The NMa is also introducing an Information package about energy via ConsuWijzer. This package consists of 5 information sheets with concrete tips on the most important energy topics, such as comparing power companies, changing companies, focus points in customer recruiting and the electricity bill.