ACM clears merger between two Dutch physical-rehabilitation centers


The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) has cleared the merger between two physical-rehabilitation centers in the western Dutch province of Zuid-Holland: Sophia Revalidatie in the city of the Hague and Rijnlands Revalidatie Centrum in the city of Leiden. ACM has established that the options of patients and health insurers will not significantly change as a result of the merger.

Outcomes of ACM’s investigation

ACM’s investigation has revealed that there is a limited overlap in the catchment areas of Sophia and Rijnlands. Based on where they live, patients will either go to Sophia or to Rijnlands. It is only in exceptional cases that patients go to a rehabilitation center further away. For example, if the center in their region does not offer a highly specialist treatment. In the current situation, there is thus already little competitive pressure between both centers. The merger will barely effect this.

Patient organizations are positive about the merger. Insurers conclude that not much will change in the need to procure care from both centers. This has been the case before the merger, and it will continue to stay this way. Health insurers say that the centers barely compete with each other.

Sophia and Rijnlands both offer specialist medical rehabilitation care. This is care for patients who become physically impaired due to an illness, an accident, or a congenital disease. This concerns complex care that can be offered in the center or on an outpatient basis to adults and children.