Cogas to set itself apart from its commercial firms with new name and logo


Distribution system operator Cogas will continue under the name Coteq Netbeheer from September 1, 2017. By doing so, the system operator will set itself apart from affiliated commercial companies. In the coming months, the system operator will implement its new name and new logo. With those moves, it will fulfill its commitments to the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM).

Clarity for consumers from now on

The commercial companies that are affiliated with Coteq Netbeheer will no longer be able to benefit improperly from the brand recognition of the system operator. It will now be clear to buyers who they are dealing with: the system operator that performs statutory tasks such as the transmission of electricity and natural gas, or a commercial company that performs related activities. This was insufficiently clear in the past, which caused consumers to be at a disadvantage.