Visions & opinions

InSight 2017


Make full use of the strengths of the market and the government. That is the central message that the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) puts forward in this year’s publication of ‘InSight’ (in Dutch: Het Signaal). What are the strengths of the market, and how can markets safeguard public interests? In what areas are markets not up to the task? And is the government’s role clear? Widely different opinions about the roles that government and the market should play are explored in the public debate on this topic.

In ACM’s view, however, combinations of government and market often offer the best outcomes for society. As long as the government sets the boundaries, making effective use of the market can benefit consumers and public interests.

‘InSight’ is an annual publication of ACM in which it points out policy questions and trends in society that are important to its oversight efforts. ACM will send a copy of InSight 2017 to the Minister of Economic Affairs on March 29, 2017.