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Delivery and takeout options for consumers and restaurants

Consumers and restaurants have enough options for meal delivery or takeout. That is the conclusion of the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) based on its preliminary investigation into a requirement that Dutch meal-delivery service provider (internationally branded as imposes on restaurants. wants restaurants to charge the same prices on their own websites and on the website of

For ACM, one of the main questions is whether or not restaurants and consumers have sufficient options and opportunities. And, according to ACM, there are many ways in which consumers can order or take out meals, or have them delivered. One such way is through online platforms like,, or Some restaurants also have their own websites where meals can be ordered. That is why ACM believes that, under current market conditions, it is not likely that the same-price guarantee negatively affects consumers. In addition, this market is growing and dynamic. Under such circumstances, new competitors and new innovative concepts are stimulated to enter this market. As a result, ACM does not believe it is necessary to take action against the same-price guarantee.



Delivery and takeout options for consumers and restaurants (PDF - 207.9 KB)