Parcel Market Scan – final version

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) wishes to continue to keep a close eye on the parcel delivery market, and will therefore, from 2017, include this market segment in its annual monitor of the postal services market. The main conclusions of this scan are:

  • The market for parcel deliveries has grown tremendously;
  • While introducing new services, parcel services providers primarily compete on price;
  • The market for domestic parcel deliveries is concentrated - monitoring is needed;
  • The market for cross-border parcel deliveries is less concentrated;
  • PostNL enjoys a competitive advantage (because of VAT exemption) in a small segment of the market for parcel deliveries;
  • There is a lot of attention to the deployment of independent parcel couriers by PostNL;
  • Major online retailers have strong purchasing positions.